Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapters 5 & 6- She learns to knit!

In these two chapters Kelly starts to learn to knit.  They, predictably, have her knit a scarf for her first project.  While she is learning, Steve comes by to talk to Mimi about some cabinets. Of course he flirts with her and convinces her to play on the softball team with Lisa.
Kelly talks to her boss who allows here to work for a couple of months in Colorado.  She needs to find someone to sublet her apartment but she thinks she knows someone at work who will.

She also begins to share her doubts Helen’s death with Burt, the retired detective who spins. Burt however, keeps referring her back to lead detective, which he should. However; when she mentions the $20000 he does get more interested.

Helen also had a cousin named Martha (great name) that we find out about.  She appears to be very devotedly religious. They plan on her being at church on Sunday so Mimi can point her out to Kelly.

Because the pattern is a simple stockinette stitch, I am going to try and "spice" it up a bit.  I have started to try and do a cable on the front.  So far, it isn't looking too good. There are holes when I switched stitches for the pattern.  ALso, because the yarn is so "shiny" that I am afraid the cables will get lost in the yarn.

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