Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chapter 1

I have almost finished the gauge on my socks. I have decided to work on the Knit One, Kill Two project.  The main project is the Lambspun’s Whodunnit Shell.  There is also a simple scarf pattern but I thought I would skip it. It is simply casting on 10 stitches and then knitting a garter stitch until you reach the size you want.

To complete the shell pattern, you need size 15 needles
I like bamboo better than metal

a bulky yarn
Lion's Brand in Homespun
and the pattern to start.
Hopefully it is very easy like it says
 The gauge should be 2 stitches per inch. I hate doing a gauge but since I am not sure of this yarn, I will.  Now, on to the book J

Chapter  1

We meet the main character Kelly Flynn.  She has come back to Colorado because her Aunt Helen has died and Kelly is in charge of the estate.  The first person that she and her dog Carl meet is Mimi Shafer. Mimi appears to be a nice lady and owns the knitting and needlepoint store in town. Mimi takes Kelly to the bistro that is attached to the yarn store. She learns of the wonderful cinnamon rolls made there.

After the coffee and roll, Kelly heads off to the lawyers office. At the lawyer’s office, Kelly learns that her aunt died because of a robbery. She couldn’t understand why someone would rob her aunt. The lawyer tells her that Helen had taken out a $20,000 loan just days before.  They believe the money was taken from her purse. They saw a homeless person in the area and arrested him. 

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